After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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BM Services, here to dispose or your timeshare

Different name for a very same set up…the cold call for an invite to a meeting where the timeshare owner will meet up with a corporate buyer for his timeshare.

Yes one of those, BM Services cold calls the timeshare consumer and then sends off the emails reconfirming what was explained on the phone.

BM Services has a website which was created in March 2012, so a good 2 weeks old at the moment of this publication.

There are no company identifications on the website, no address, no indication where they are located and who they really are.

Telephone number 0203 582 0453 and email address is as far as one will get on contact details.

The email confirmation reads as follows:

“As stated in our telephone call, we are a marketing company working on behalf of a client that specializes in the sale of overseas investment properties. However, they have also been very successful in assisting people in the disposal of unwanted timeshare or points.

At your appointment you will be introduced to two ways of disposing of your unwanted timeshare.

· The first will be a straight forward disposal service; they will explain how this works the timelines and the benefits you gain.

· They will also introduce you to an investment opportunity that will allow you to dispose of your timeshare, receive an immediate above market return and generate a long term income.

As also explained in our telephone conversation they are so confident that their solutions will meet your needs, that if they don’t, they will pay your expenses (up to £100) for your travel and time on the day. All you have to do is listen and decide if either option is for you, if not, just claim your expenses.”

Well, if it was only that easy! Unfortunately this kind of email we have seen already so many times before, and all we got back from the consumers that actually went to these meetings was one same opinion: A complete waste of time!

The meeting is normally about an investment project somewhere far away, and for those not willing or not able to invest any money; well there is no such thing as a corporate buyer for their timeshare, and a lot of times there is not even such a thing as travel expenses paid!

So please before you take up this offer, do consider if you are willing to take the risk of wasting a lot of time.

Have you been called by BM Services from 02035820453 ? Please let us know!

Timeshare Investment Back, dubious company on a known Address!

A new company has been brought to our attention, Timeshare Investment Back who is cold calling timeshare consumers in the UK to make appointments for a meeting where they will be informed about Timeshare Disposal.

This company has a rather basic website which was registered on the 12th of December 2011. So just starting off the business then!

On the website, there is no clear identification on who this company is, and neither is there any address or indication where they are located. The only contact details mentioned are a telephone number 08442430623 and email;

But with a bit of research, it seems that there is an address after all and surprise surprise look at this!

Calle Rio Darrio, portal 2, Mijas, Costa del Sol Spain

Where have we seen this address before? There you go…..ILG Headquarters!
Oh dear, if this is a coincidence, well not a very fortunate one, thinking about the “bad vibes” this address must bring to thousands of consumers who were defrauded by ILG.

So, Timeshare Investment Back, cold calls consumers, knowing obviously they are timeshare owners and not being very clear where they obtained their personal data, and invites them over in the UK to meet up to discuss about disposing of their timeshare.

The meeting is with a company called Keld Property Solutions Ltd, a company registered only recently in November on the UK Companies House and no names of directors or administrators as yet. They do have a website which was registered also in November and by the same person who registered the Timeshare Investment Back website.

Yes we might be a bit quick with our alert, but please let’s face it…companies that cold call from Spain, websites with no identification, and dubious stories about timeshare disposal.

Haven’t we heard this before?

So please to those who are being called or those who have been called and made an appointment; we only ask to be cautious, and if attending this kind of meetings, go with an open mind but with a closed wallet. No credit cards, no money, no cheque book…did the agent on the phone not promise you were going to sell or dispose of your timeshare? Well then you don’t need any money or card on you to attend that meeting!

Please let us know if you have been called and / or attended the meeting from Timeshare Investment Back / Keld Property Solutions Ltd.

Keystone Solicitors in Coventry

An alert goes out for a company that calls themselves Keystone Solicitors and claims to be based in Coventry.

A Mr. Michael Phillips of Keystone Solicitors cold calls timeshare consumers with the news that they are going to refund the money paid by the timeshare consumer to a dubious resale company previously.

Keystone Solicitors gives as address; Queen Street, Coventry CV19 4PR and for contact the telephone number is 0247 632 0530

The story is that the solicitors are handling the case against the “dubious” resale company and the judge has ordered that the victims are to be paid back.

In order to get this money back the timeshare owner needs to pay a fee and this can be done at the local post office through Money Gram. The fee is £290. Once the consumer pays the fee, Michael Phillips will ring back to get the post office reference number and then he will arrange for a cheque to be delivered to the consumer’s house the next morning at 10 AM

Ringing the number 02476320530 you actually get a fax machine and calling the directory inquiries you will find out there is no such solicitor’s office at the mentioned address.

Is this a scam? You tell me!

Cold caller, knowledge of personal data and also information on previous dealings with other dubious companies, a payment by Money gram, a phone number that doesn’t work and an office that doesn’t exist!

Have you been called already by Michael Phillips or anybody working for Keystone Solicitors?

Please do let us know!

Fincas S Pedro y S Pablo in Tarragona

An alert goes out for a supposed Real Estate office in Tarragona, Spain under the name Fincas S Pedro y S Pablo.

A cold caller from Spain, with great news as always when they tell the timeshare consumer they have a buyer lined up for their timeshare.

This company with a Spanish name, pretends to be in Tarragona on the address: PlaÇa Catalunya 4, 43007, Tarragona, Spain

No website, unfortunately but they do have an email address You can also call them on a Spanish mobile +34 698 734 722 or fax them on 0701 0021 727

This company is one of those who have elaborated the pitch thoroughly and after the initial call they send off the paperwork by email. Paperwork that looks very professional and official as it is even written on Government paper with stamps all over.

The person calling was Lee Warning, but his secretary Kirsten de Vries kindly sends the paperwork signed on his behalf.

A bit cheeky though that they pretend to work by the European Directive which stipulates money should be held in an escrow account. Does it?

They also add a stamped form which confirms the buyer has already deposited the money for the purchase. All the details of the buyer are on the form, shame these buyers always live in a different country where they speak a different language!

The Escrow account is not only for the money of the sale, they also request a 9% of the sales price to be paid by the seller into this account (!!) prior to the sale..

Hold on, that’s an upfront fee!

Even more surprising is the fact that this “Escrow” account seems to be in a bank branch situated in Malaga on the Costa del Sol. Wow, that’s a long way from Tarragona!

Research has shown that there is no such real estate as Fincas S Pedro y S Pablo in Tarragona handling timeshare sales. Add this up to a cold call, guaranteed sale, upfront fees and a bank transfer to an individual in a faraway place….let just say we don’t recommend dealing with this company!

Have you been called by Fincas S Pedro y S Pablo from 0034 698734722 ?

Do let us know!

Consumer Matters

Cold callers Consumer Matters are offering advice for those who have been mis-sold and can help with a refund claim.

That sounds good! They have a website which was registered on 28/11/11.

Their contact details are a telephone number mentioned on the website: 0203 3840692 and a fax number which shows in the paperwork 0203 384698

Their Email is

On the website there is loads of information and after the initial (cold) call with the timeshare consumer they also send through informative documents. In these documents they insist that their advice is free, so why not give them a call?

What is mentioned as well is that once you send the paperwork through and they feel you have reasons for a claim, they will tell you the costs involved…

What the website doesn’t tell you is where they are actually based and neither does it provide a registration number from the Companies House, details which should be on a website as per the regulations.

In the documents send to the consumers a note of caution is also added to the information:

“There are a number of businesses and ‘law firms’ passing themselves off as nongovernmental organisations that purport to govern and police other timeshare-related businesses as well as advise timeshare owners. Some of these are: TATOC, OTE, RDO, TCA, ITRA and Ramirez & Ramirez – although there are others. These are all privately funded and are NOT part of any government or official body. In the case of TATOC and the RDO (who also use a website called Mindtimeshare) these businesses are funded entirely by timeshare resorts and points providers – some of whom are currently the subject of litigation, themselves.”

Wow, that is Consumer Associations such as RDO and TATOC mentioned in one go with companies such as Ramirez and Ramirez and ITRA…that is scary! Not because of the warning itself, but the fact that they do not clearly see or make a difference between those providing help and advice for free and others who we know from this blog (and other forums) have taken a lot of money from consumers without result…well what can we say?

As stated above, this company appears to be new and we are still investigating about what they exactly do and the results of their services.

The fact that they cold call and their website lacks information which should be there as per the law has made us decide to publish this article and we kindly ask those contacted by Consumer Matters to tell us their experience!

Financial Associates Ltd and Ownership Advisory Line..

Another company has been brought to our attention called Financial Associates Ltd who uses the pitch of the company reclaiming the Reclaim money of consumers and having money waiting to be paid out.

This company cold calls consumers, and the agent calling gives out the company details as being:

Financial Associates Ltd
Phone: 01183282856
Company Registration Number: 04974251

And in order to verify that they are for real, they even give out the details of the Ownership Advisory Line on 02032865384 to confirm that Financial Associates Ltd is genuine, and also to contact Companies House.

This pitch very similar to another company, Asset Accounting Services.

An alert consumer did indeed call all the numbers given, but also looked up the contact details of the company called Financial Associates Ltd, which is actually based in Cricklade, so not Luton (!!) and called them directly. And surprise surprise, they know nothing about anybody of their company in Luton and is certainly not part of theirs!

Financial Associates Ltd also requires a security check through buying UKASH vouchers and in order to make sure these vouchers are for real they request 10 digits from the 19 digit code. This to give the consumer the impression their voucher cannot be cashed in, but nothing of that is true as the other digits are related to the country code and yes, the voucher can be cashed knowing the other numbers!

Have you been called by Financial Associates Ltd with phone number 0118 328 2856 or have you been told a similar story by another company?

Please let us know!

ETOAC Ltd, a Legal Service?

ETOAC Ltd has started to mail out letters to timeshare owners in which they present themselves as supposed Legal Advisors.

They try to make the consumer believe that with a “recent” law in Spain brings legal right for timeshare owners to have their contract declared null and void and these owners will be able to recover their money.

It is not the first time doubtful legal advisors try using this for their pitch.

They refer to a law from 1999 where it was stipulated that a cooling off period of 14 days should be honored for all timeshare purchases. These laws exist but what isn’t true is that people who purchased before this date can claim their money back based on this law!

ETOAC Ltd offers to pursue the procedure through on a no-win-no-fee basis with no up-front fees or Court costs payable by the consumer. The letter states also that administration fees are fully refundable if the timeshare owner has no claim but does not ask for anything more than the return of brief details of the timeshare week(s) concerned.

So no-win-no-fee but there is an administration fee? The actual form they ask the owner to fill in for that purpose does refer to a £295 admin fee so the inference is that the matter will not proceed without that payment!

There is no explanation in the letter about where they obtained the timeshare consumers’ details.

And who is ETOAC Ltd anyway?

On their letter headed paper they display an address in the UK which strangely enough seems to be a post box: PO Box 1221, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 9PR

They are registered at the UK Companies House since March 2011 under the number 07549756 and with another Address in Warrington: ETOAC LIMITED, 3 Freckleton Close, Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 2TH

Director and administrator of this company is Robert Woosey

So there is obviously not an office. No accounts have ever been filed and yet again for 2012 are overdue.

Their telephone number is 0845 307 6288

Our investigations reveal though that most probably they are based in Spain as we have clear indications that ETOAC is connected to other dubious Timeshare Resale companies based on the Costa del Sol in Spain under the name Avantgarde Management and AVG Holidays. Companies who were under police investigation in the past years.

Seen the above we certainly do not recommend to have any dealings with this company.

Have you received this same letter from ETOAC Ltd or maybe a call from 08453076288 ?

Please let us know!

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