After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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Consumer Matters

Cold callers Consumer Matters are offering advice for those who have been mis-sold and can help with a refund claim.

That sounds good! They have a website which was registered on 28/11/11.

Their contact details are a telephone number mentioned on the website: 0203 3840692 and a fax number which shows in the paperwork 0203 384698

Their Email is

On the website there is loads of information and after the initial (cold) call with the timeshare consumer they also send through informative documents. In these documents they insist that their advice is free, so why not give them a call?

What is mentioned as well is that once you send the paperwork through and they feel you have reasons for a claim, they will tell you the costs involved…

What the website doesn’t tell you is where they are actually based and neither does it provide a registration number from the Companies House, details which should be on a website as per the regulations.

In the documents send to the consumers a note of caution is also added to the information:

“There are a number of businesses and ‘law firms’ passing themselves off as nongovernmental organisations that purport to govern and police other timeshare-related businesses as well as advise timeshare owners. Some of these are: TATOC, OTE, RDO, TCA, ITRA and Ramirez & Ramirez – although there are others. These are all privately funded and are NOT part of any government or official body. In the case of TATOC and the RDO (who also use a website called Mindtimeshare) these businesses are funded entirely by timeshare resorts and points providers – some of whom are currently the subject of litigation, themselves.”

Wow, that is Consumer Associations such as RDO and TATOC mentioned in one go with companies such as Ramirez and Ramirez and ITRA…that is scary! Not because of the warning itself, but the fact that they do not clearly see or make a difference between those providing help and advice for free and others who we know from this blog (and other forums) have taken a lot of money from consumers without result…well what can we say?

As stated above, this company appears to be new and we are still investigating about what they exactly do and the results of their services.

The fact that they cold call and their website lacks information which should be there as per the law has made us decide to publish this article and we kindly ask those contacted by Consumer Matters to tell us their experience!

“I wish I would have found the yourtimeshare blog earlier..”

How many times have we seen this comment on the yourtimeshare blog? And even more times in the emails we receive from consumers that contact us directly.

We from the yourtimeshare team are working against the clock. Each day we receive emails with names of companies we hadn’t heard from before. Some of these companies are so “openly” fraudulent that we can publish directly, others we need to verify first the facts and ask for more information.

It is therefore that it might happen you get called by a company and this company isn’t mentioned on our blog yet. But this is also why we really want to insist that each call for us is important. Your information is valuable to us and to other consumers!

With thousands of visitors a month to our blog and with just registering with facebook & twitter, we certainly feel we can reach a lot of consumers as soon as we have a new alert.

But there are so many others out there, that haven’t heard of us yet…and sometimes as mentioned above, they only find the blog when it is too late.

We need your help with this! How? Well when you visit your resort, when you speak to other owners, your resort staff, the owners committee….please mention us, and ask them to keep us in mind or even mention us in their publications to the owners.

The more people know about us the better! Let’s stop these fraudsters from taking advantage of consumers! Enough is enough!

“They told me Alberto García is a fraud …”

Another well-known phrase we receive in comments and emails. A lot of the dodgy companies are obviously getting very frustrated with the fact that consumers do their research and even mention in the calls they found the yourtimeshare blog.

Let’s get it clear here…these companies are never going to say anything positive about us, as we clearly have an impact on their dubious income. If in the past without the information they could call consumers and get the credit cards out of people’s wallet without hesitation, now it takes a lot more calls to get to that point…and even then there are so many consumers claiming refunds and banks claiming explanations!

So no, we didn’t expect anybody from the “other side” to speak highly about us. But for those who don’t really know us yet, and are in a doubt…let us just point out the following:

We have provided professional advice before going on the internet to thousands of consumers.

We don’t ask for money, all advice and guidance has been provided absolutely free of charge.

We don’t cold call!

We will continue informing consumers, and we will continue our battle against fraudulent companies!

And please remember whatever they say about us, we are on your side!

For any further info please email us:

Ramirez & Ramirez, a new consumer alert from Hutchinson & Co

Another company in the Timeshare Industry has joined the list of websites that are actively warning against Ramirez and Ramirez Lawyers in Fuengirola.

Hutchinson & Co Trust Company has placed a consumer alert on the front page of their website:

The text reads as follows:

Consumer Alert!

It has recently been brought to our attention that Ramirez & Ramirez Abogados, a law firm operating on the Costa del Sol, claims to be a Class Action law firm and implies on its website that Hutchinson & Co Trust Company Ltd [“Hutchinson”] has been involved in illegal activity.

After consultation with the industry body RDO, it seems that Ramirez & Ramirez Abogados uses the cold call approach to contact victims of bogus holiday clubs, timeshare resale firms, cash back schemes, etc., always asking for upfront payments, offering to take such companies to court in Spain. Please visit the following links for further information: &

The “yourtimeshare” team advises all timeshare owners against making any kind of payment to Ramirez & Ramirez Abogados SL. Please also note that advance payments are forbidden according to the new European Directive, which came into force in February 2011.

We also understand that the Spanish Authorities have shown an interest in Ramirez & Ramirez Abogados. Therefore, if you have been approached by this law firm, please contact our team, detailing your experience in a written summary (please include dates; offer and payments made if this is the case; how this company contacted you, etc). Thanks

Greenges 2005 SL, back on track with their dubious legal services!

Greenges 2005 SL has started to do their cold call campaigns again and going strong on offering timeshare consumers their “legal” services claiming to be a company that “specializes in the defense of the rights of the users in Spain, especially in the real estate and timeshares business.”

They have set up a new website

On the web they explain there is an initial “processing fee” of £850, so that is a fee just to start even looking at your paperwork!

But what is the real background of this company? This company has different connections with other companies of who we know they are not trustworthy and for which we have already placed warnings on the blog. The main connection is one of the previous administrators whose name keeps on appearing on the different company registrations.

Sharifi Mahmoud Reza was registered as administrator of Greenges 2005 up to January 2011 but also administrates Fuengirola Servicios 2002 SL a company directly connected to Key Property Town Advisory (KPTA). This company KPTA is connected to The Justice Group Direct who on their turn claims to be using lawyers from Greenges 2005 SL. (

All these mentioned companies have a background of dubious businesses and numerous unhappy customers who have paid for resale and legal services that actually never took place. To top it all off, the administrator of Ramirez & Ramirez (, Fabián Ramirez Marcelo also appears as the administrator of Fuengirola Servicios 2002 SL.

Greenges 2005 SL provides different addresses in their paperwork, which makes it quiet confusing to figure out where they are based. At the moment they are using the following addresses on the Costa del Sol:

Lope de Vega 60, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena

Telephone 0034 952 446093 and fax 0034 952561178

Calle San Antonio 22, Edificio San Miguel, 29640 Fuengirola

Telephone 0034 952 667357 and fax 0034 952 667545

There is also a Spanish mobile number for put of office-hours calls 0034634098299

Legitimate Spanish law firms never cold-call people. And the reason is simple; they lack your contact details unless you give it to them. This is why you must mistrust always any phone calls from the UK or from Spain offering you out-of-the-blue to take “class actions” or “group actions”. Ask yourself why and how do these people have your contact and investment details.

Have you received a phone call from Greenges 2005 SL? Please let us know!

Ramirez & Ramirez

We have had an email concerning the company “Ramirez & Ramirez”

“We have recently been contacted by spanish firm of lawers by the name of Ramirez & Ramirez regarding a claim against Incentive Leisure Group for a re-claim certificate. They are asking for £850 to fight the case for us. Do you know if they are a legitimate company, or is this just another way of getting us into yet another scam! We would appreciate your comments on this matter. Thankyou J”.

Ramirez and Ramirez Legal Consultants address; Calle Córdoba 35, Edificio Villa Blanca 1-C, Fuengirola 29640, Málaga, SPAIN, telephone number 0034952664151, fax 0034952468346 and website continue their cold call campaign and continue to claim the comments on the internet about their company are defamatory and will be reported as such.

But the fact is that they continue cold calling, continue to take upfront fees for a service that up till now has not had 1 successful customer!

We are not the only ones alerting about this company, and we have received through the Lawyers from Lawbird ( in Marbella the link to the police report that has been elaborated by the Fraud Squad in Malaga about Ramirez and Ramirez and their alleged dubious activities in past and present, and this report has been presented to the judge.

It is pointed out in the report that Ramirez and Ramirez are offering their legal services to timeshare consumers and requesting money upfront from the consumers and no claims know to have succeeded.

For all those consumers who have paid money to Ramirez & Ramirez ad find themselves with no claim and no money recovered, we would like to insist that you are not alone! Stand up against these people, stand up together, and start claiming back what is yours.

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