After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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Kelly Consultants

Another cold caller for our lists: Kelly Consultants from Ireland. They have started their campaign not so long ago and are keen to offer their help with a reclaim.

No explanation on how they obtained the details from the timeshare consumer of course!

Kelly Consultants is actually a UK Companies House registered entity and the registration number is NI055159

Their address Drummore Road, Kilkeel, Co Down, BT34 4LU, Ireland

Contact number 003453 14428617

The person calling Kelly Consultants is Ann Connor, who explains that they are duly registered as a tax consultancy and is very insisting on the fact that the consumer can verify that they are a “Bona Fide” company. The consumer can do this by calling another number and speak to a so called “Legal Advisor”. The name of this legal advisor is Lucy Alexander and the number to call 03300010329

After calling the legal consultant, Kelly Consultants calls back the consumer and continues the previous story about the reclaim and the fact that they have recovered money from the Spanish Government to be paid out to the victims of the scam.

For them to process the claim the consumer has to purchase £500 worth of UKASH Vouchers, give them part of the numbers but hold on to the vouchers until they have completed the claim.

Oops, that sounds familiar and rather worrying!

Did we not see this story already on this blog? Indeed we did!

There are two more companies that actually use or used the same method to convince consumers that they would recover money for them through a claim.

Asset Accounting Services Ltd
Financial Associates Ltd

We appreciate the fact that Kelly Consultants is registered as a company, but the fact that they cold call a timeshare consumer, have his personal details and membership details, claims to recover money from a claim nobody knew about and ask for UKASH vouchers to be purchased..Well it sounds very worrying!

Have you been called by Kelly Consultants from 00345314428617 ?

Please let us know:

Consumer Matters

Cold callers Consumer Matters are offering advice for those who have been mis-sold and can help with a refund claim.

That sounds good! They have a website which was registered on 28/11/11.

Their contact details are a telephone number mentioned on the website: 0203 3840692 and a fax number which shows in the paperwork 0203 384698

Their Email is

On the website there is loads of information and after the initial (cold) call with the timeshare consumer they also send through informative documents. In these documents they insist that their advice is free, so why not give them a call?

What is mentioned as well is that once you send the paperwork through and they feel you have reasons for a claim, they will tell you the costs involved…

What the website doesn’t tell you is where they are actually based and neither does it provide a registration number from the Companies House, details which should be on a website as per the regulations.

In the documents send to the consumers a note of caution is also added to the information:

“There are a number of businesses and ‘law firms’ passing themselves off as nongovernmental organisations that purport to govern and police other timeshare-related businesses as well as advise timeshare owners. Some of these are: TATOC, OTE, RDO, TCA, ITRA and Ramirez & Ramirez – although there are others. These are all privately funded and are NOT part of any government or official body. In the case of TATOC and the RDO (who also use a website called Mindtimeshare) these businesses are funded entirely by timeshare resorts and points providers – some of whom are currently the subject of litigation, themselves.”

Wow, that is Consumer Associations such as RDO and TATOC mentioned in one go with companies such as Ramirez and Ramirez and ITRA…that is scary! Not because of the warning itself, but the fact that they do not clearly see or make a difference between those providing help and advice for free and others who we know from this blog (and other forums) have taken a lot of money from consumers without result…well what can we say?

As stated above, this company appears to be new and we are still investigating about what they exactly do and the results of their services.

The fact that they cold call and their website lacks information which should be there as per the law has made us decide to publish this article and we kindly ask those contacted by Consumer Matters to tell us their experience!

Financial Associates Ltd and Ownership Advisory Line..

Another company has been brought to our attention called Financial Associates Ltd who uses the pitch of the company reclaiming the Reclaim money of consumers and having money waiting to be paid out.

This company cold calls consumers, and the agent calling gives out the company details as being:

Financial Associates Ltd
Phone: 01183282856
Company Registration Number: 04974251

And in order to verify that they are for real, they even give out the details of the Ownership Advisory Line on 02032865384 to confirm that Financial Associates Ltd is genuine, and also to contact Companies House.

This pitch very similar to another company, Asset Accounting Services.

An alert consumer did indeed call all the numbers given, but also looked up the contact details of the company called Financial Associates Ltd, which is actually based in Cricklade, so not Luton (!!) and called them directly. And surprise surprise, they know nothing about anybody of their company in Luton and is certainly not part of theirs!

Financial Associates Ltd also requires a security check through buying UKASH vouchers and in order to make sure these vouchers are for real they request 10 digits from the 19 digit code. This to give the consumer the impression their voucher cannot be cashed in, but nothing of that is true as the other digits are related to the country code and yes, the voucher can be cashed knowing the other numbers!

Have you been called by Financial Associates Ltd with phone number 0118 328 2856 or have you been told a similar story by another company?

Please let us know!

Asset Accounting Services Ltd from Colchester

Asset Accounting Services Ltd from Colchester, Essex, has started to cold call timeshare consumers and seems to have a lot of information about them.

Asset Accounting Services Ltd, with address Lodge Park, Lodge Lane, Langham, Colchester, CO4 5NE has a contact number 01245 790932 and is registered at the UK Companies House.

It is again one of those companies that cold call and know the timeshare consumer had a problem in the past with a resale company or his resort, and again come up with the story of a court case.

Must be a very good working pitch, because lately there are so many court cases as far as all these companies concern!

But there is more to this story! Mr. Lewis Green, the agent calling the consumer, states that his company is allegedly involved with a court action against the consumer’s timeshare resort, and will get back with further information later in the week. However, he asks the consumer to phone the “Legal Timeshare Advisory Bureau” in Gateshead, UK, to ‘authenticate’ the genuineness of his company.

The UK number for Legal Timeshare Advisory Bureau is 0191 645 0911.

The timeshare consumer is assured by the Legal Timeshare Advisory Bureau, of which we cannot find any mention on the internet (!) that Asset Accounting Services is definitely a genuine company.

The consumer is then called back by Asset Accounting Services and informed about how the money is going to be paid to him once this is released after the court case. Bank account, address…all very official, all very neat.

But then the story changes!

In order to get the money into the account, all off the sudden Asset Accounting Services wants to be sure that it goes to the right person..

Having gone through the planned delivery procedure with DHL the consumer is then asked to buy 5 separate £100 UKASH vouchers straight away. Lewis Green would then call back to get the last few digits of each of the vouchers, and refund of those would be triggered by the paperwork within the 2 packages delivered by DHL the following week.

Oh dear…

For those who are not familiar with these UKASH vouchers (which we weren’t either) this is a payment method which is used for consumers security, but never give the code on the voucher to anybody else as they will be able to cash in the money paid towards the vouchers!

Unfortunately the above mentioned company Asset Accounting Services doesn’t seem to be the only dubious company using this payment method to verify people’s “identity”.

Did you get a call from Asset Accounting Services from 01245790932, or have you spoken to the Legal Timeshare Advisory Bureau on 01916450911?

Have you been asked to buy UKASH Vouchers for a similar operation?

Please do let us know!

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