After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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I have tried to post comments to this site, but to no avail..  It seems that they are only posting bad comments and miss leading the public.

Mindtimeshare – Alberto Garcia
Resort Properties Scam Exposed

I have read with interest the blog created by Mr Alberto Garcia called Mindtimeshare. Initially I came across his blog because I was looking for help. I could see that he works for the RDO and claimed to help victims of Timeshare Fraud. I myself have been conned out of thousands of pounds by Resort Properties and naively though this man, with the full backing of the RDO could help.

It didn’t take me long to discover this man’s objective and it’s NOT to help victims of timeshare fraud it is actually to provide a smokescreen behind which hides one of the timeshare industries BIGGEST FRAUDS.

To find out what motivates him to do this I only had to look at who employs him – the RDO – and then to look at who sits on the board of Directors of the RDO – Mark Cushway – the CEO of Resort Properties………

So now I know why Resort Properties (now Silver Points) is not mentioned anywhere on his blog!!

There are many articles going back several years warning people about the scam that Resort properties were running – these articles were on the web and in the newspapers – they were not difficult to find – so why hasn’t Mr Garcia mentioned it in his blog?? Why isn’t he and the RDO warning consumers??

Take a look at the following articles yourself

In 2007 Sandy Grey was VERY clear about the fraud Resort Properties were perpetrating:

In 2008 the Daily Mirror ran an article warning the public of the Resort Properties Fraud:

Again in 2009 The Daily Mirror ran another article

So, if indeed as he states, Alberto Garcia has been the head of enforcement of the RDO since 2007 why hasn’t he mentioned this huge fraud???? Why does he and the RDO continue to allow this company to con thousands of families every single year out of their life savings??

More recently there has been an article in the Times and STILL NOTHING IS MENTION ON HIS BLOG????

Consumer Affairs
Timeshare con victims unite to sue Barclays

Laura Shannon

October 8 2011 12:01AM

Credit Act brings hope for those stuck with unsaleable holiday properties

Timeshare owners struggling to afford rising management fees are being advised to check their original finance agreements because they may have grounds to seek redress under the Consumer Credit Act.

People who feel that they were conned into buying poor-quality timeshares have been left trapped in expensive deals for life, while others have been tricked a second time by dodgy companies offering to sell their shares for a fee — a sale that never happens.

Now a 200-strong group of timeshare holders in the UK has started collective legal action against Barclays over the bank’s role in providing credit to fund deals that customers feel were misrepresented at the point of sale.

Clive Zietman, of the law firm Stewarts Law LLP, initiated civil action on behalf of the group, which originally bought through Resort Properties. The company has since been taken over by Silverpoint. He says: “There will be other cases out there similar to this and it puts banks in a very awkward position. If customers have had no joy from the timeshare company, they should check how the deal was funded.”

Barclays says that it cannot comment on specific details of the case.

Silverpoint noted that it is a separate business to Resort Properties and that it is accredited by the timeshare association TATOC and is a member of the European trade body the Resort Development Organisation (RDO). A spokesman says: “Any Silverpoint customer can contact the company customer service department at any time to discuss any potential issues, which the company will do its utmost to

So what is my point???

My point is that I want to STOP Resort Properties / Silver points from ripping anymore people off.

I want to make sure that no one suffers the financial and emotional hardship I have had to endure.

I want all the victims of this blatant and predetermined crime to help me put an end to this abuse.

Please, if you have been a victim of this crime tell me your story – let me publish it on my blog and help me warn others.

LOOK AT THE FACTS/ MINDTIMESHARE/ALBERTO GARCIAFACT Alberto Garcia is covering up one of THE biggest timeshare frauds in the history of the Timeshare Industry.

FACT 200 people in the UK are claiming damages against Barclays Finance after being duped out of thousands of Euros by Resort Properties

FACT Silver Points/ Resort Properties is also being sued CRIMINALLY BY OVER 150 PEOPLE claiming damages in excess of SIX MILLION EUROS

FACT This number is rising on a weekly basis

FACT NOWHERE on his mindtimeshare web site does Alberto Garcia even mention any of this? WHY?

FACT Alberto Garcia/Mindtimeshare is paid by the RDO

FACT Resort Properties/Silver points pays a substantial fee to the RDO

FACT The fee which Resort Properties/Silver Points pays to the RDO comes from their members

FACT So, the members who are been ripped off by Resort Properties’/Silver points are actually paying Aberto Garcias/Mindtimeshare wages

FACT MARK CUSHWAY is a member of the board of RDO

FACT Mark Cushway was the CEO of Resort Properties

FACT Mar Cushway is now the CEO of Silver Points

FACT Alberto Garcia/Mindtimeshare cannot investigate the company which pays his wages

FACT RDO cannot investigate one of its own board members – especially one who pays the such a large fee


FACT BOTH the RDO AND Alberto Garcia are guilty of covering up the Resort Properties/Silver Points fraud

Again let me ask you to publish your own stories on this blog and let’s expose the real truth.

Mrs Wilson

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