After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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Barela Tovar, lawyers from Cádiz, Spain reclaiming money from your Cashback..

Amazing how many “Spanish” Lawyers office are dedicated to cold calls and reclaiming CashBacks lately! Barela Tovar is one of them and calls timeshare consumers out of the blue to bring them the good news!

Yes, Barela Tovar is able to claim money from your Reclaim Certificate which apparently wasn’t registered with the Spanish Government in the first year of its existence.

That’s a new story! And of course, here is Barela Tovar to help the consumer even without them asking for it!

Barela Tovar is based in Cádiz. Their address shown on the letter headed paper is:

Calle Acacias 15B Cádiz, 11007 Spain Telephone +34 901 00 92 94 and fax +34 956 92 19 40


Barela Tovar is not registered with the Spanish Companies House and neither are there lawyers registered at the Spanish Lawyers registration under these surnames.

Barela Tovar goes as far as claiming that the money from the Cashback has been recovered, but due to the substantial amount it is considered as an investment and for this the consumer needs a Spanish Tax Number NIE. They send kindly a general instructions form on how to obtain the details required by the government to release the money, but who fancies queuing up for hours at a police station in a foreign country, with a translator costing a fortune per hour and having to come back 6 weeks later? Nobody!

So Barela Tovar can arrange all of this for you!

We attach to this article the documents received by a consumer where it is all explained by Elisabeth Murray from Barela Tovar.

Please note that whatever they tell you….these people are not for real, there is no money, they are not lawyers and all they want is take advantage of your situation! Do NOT pay them anything!

If you have been called by Barela Tovar from 901009294 please let us know?

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