After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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European Resort Resales or shall we say Half Moon Holdings?

New Season, new names, that is what Half Moon Holdings must have thought when deciding to change their name to European Resort Resales.

This week we started to receive inquiries through different sources about the cold calls from this company called European Resort Resales.

Consumers receive calls “out of the blue” from a lady called Sylvia Gerrard who apart from having access to the consumers personal data, also seems to know they have been defrauded before by other dubious resale companies.

Sylvia Gerrard explains that European Resorts Resales were Advisors / Consultants who specialized in finding buyers for properties. She adds that they were a European based company but she is based in London and has been employed in the industry for a number of years.

For the moment we don’t have a website but the contact details are:

Tel Number: 0844 8228128 and to speak to Sylvia, Extension number: 3941

Although it looks like a name change all the way through, what hasn’t changed is their pitch and the fact that for the resale they will require an upfront fee.

Question here is why this name change? Maybe it all got too hot under Half Moon Holdings feet? Maybe their credit card company isn’t happy with the tremendous amount of refund claims they had to process over the past year, all based on the same fact that people were mis represented?

Who knows!

So please be aware of this “new” company European Resorts Resales from 08448228128 and do let us know when this happens!

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