After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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Holiday Discount Warehouse, here to resell your timeshare to the Russians!

A new name, a new cold caller, Holiday Discount Warehouse is a timeshare resale company that has started their campaign over the past week.

Their website registered at the end of February 2012 gives the impression this is a “travel agent” with all kinds of travel related services. But when accessing the Offers page for example, the links don’t work at all. The only link that works on this page is the “contact us” button.

This website clearly lacks all company information as stipulated by law and not even provides an address or location of this company.

The contact is a telephone number 0871 971 1154 or through the contact form.

Even more confusing is the fact that they cold call timeshare owners with a story about the booming Russian Timeshare Market and Holiday Discount Warehouse can sell the membership for the owner in no time.

The only thing the timeshare owner needs to do is transferring £800 to a Spanish bank account.

This doesn’t sound very good, does it? Cold call, dubious website, no company information or location and an upfront fee by bank transfer…

Have you been called by Holiday Discount Warehouse to sell your timeshare on the Russian Market?

Please let us know:

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