After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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Timeshare Investment Back, dubious company on a known Address!

A new company has been brought to our attention, Timeshare Investment Back who is cold calling timeshare consumers in the UK to make appointments for a meeting where they will be informed about Timeshare Disposal.

This company has a rather basic website which was registered on the 12th of December 2011. So just starting off the business then!

On the website, there is no clear identification on who this company is, and neither is there any address or indication where they are located. The only contact details mentioned are a telephone number 08442430623 and email;

But with a bit of research, it seems that there is an address after all and surprise surprise look at this!

Calle Rio Darrio, portal 2, Mijas, Costa del Sol Spain

Where have we seen this address before? There you go…..ILG Headquarters!
Oh dear, if this is a coincidence, well not a very fortunate one, thinking about the “bad vibes” this address must bring to thousands of consumers who were defrauded by ILG.

So, Timeshare Investment Back, cold calls consumers, knowing obviously they are timeshare owners and not being very clear where they obtained their personal data, and invites them over in the UK to meet up to discuss about disposing of their timeshare.

The meeting is with a company called Keld Property Solutions Ltd, a company registered only recently in November on the UK Companies House and no names of directors or administrators as yet. They do have a website which was registered also in November and by the same person who registered the Timeshare Investment Back website.

Yes we might be a bit quick with our alert, but please let’s face it…companies that cold call from Spain, websites with no identification, and dubious stories about timeshare disposal.

Haven’t we heard this before?

So please to those who are being called or those who have been called and made an appointment; we only ask to be cautious, and if attending this kind of meetings, go with an open mind but with a closed wallet. No credit cards, no money, no cheque book…did the agent on the phone not promise you were going to sell or dispose of your timeshare? Well then you don’t need any money or card on you to attend that meeting!

Please let us know if you have been called and / or attended the meeting from Timeshare Investment Back / Keld Property Solutions Ltd.

Timeshare Relief and Unleashed Deed Services Ltd appointment for timeshare disposal..

You may have been called already by Timeshare Relief, as they are cold calling timeshare consumers who are looking to dispose of their timeshare. In order to do this, Timeshare Relief will have to make an appointment for you to meet up with a consultant who can give you all the information.

Timeshare Relief has a website which provides very basic information, and lacks all information one would look for such as proper company identification or address. The only thing on the web is a phone number 0203 286 9115 and an email

The appointment is made with an agent from Keld Property Solutions at Atlantic House, Imperial Way ,Reading, RG2 0TD and contact phone number: 01189 036662

We previously mentioned Keld Property Solutions on our blog connected to another company but with a very similar way of working:

The paperwork that is sent through though is all in name of Unleashed Deed Service Limited.

The people that actually agree to go to this appointment are led to believe by Timeshare Relief that Keld Property Solutions / Unleashed Deed Service ltd would help them to get out of their time share and any money they retrieved for this timeshare, a 10% would be taken by Keld Property Solutions / Unleashed Deed Service ltd. That doesn’t sound bad…but…In reality they give them a prediction that in the next 20 years they would pay out at least £49000 in annual maintenance (example) and they would take it off their hands with immediate transfer for £2866 as there would be no re-sale value.

The agent is very keen on this option and ready to take the credit card from the consumer straight away!

Before you pay an amount of money like the above mentioned example where £2866 were requested, do allow yourself a decent cooling off time, don’t pay on the day and don’t ever believe that the offer is only valid for that day! If possible always check with us first.

Have you been called by Timeshare Relief on 02032869115 ?

Please let us know!

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