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SPANISH TIMESHARE LAW – LEY 8/2012 (a non-legal English translation) Came into force on 17 March 2012

Full text, in Spanish, of Timeshare Law 8/2012 – became law on 17 March 2012


SPANISH TIMESHARE LAW – LEY 8/2012  (a non-legal English translation)   Came into force on 17 March 2012



Royal Decree-Law 8/2012 of 16 March contracts for timeshare on property for tourist use, procurement of long-term holiday products, resale and exchange.


Part I. General rules.

Chapter I. Scope

Article 1. Scope.
Article 2. Timeshare contract for tourist assets.
Article 3. Contract for long-term holiday product.
Article 4. Calculating the duration of contracts. Article 5. Resale contract.
Article 6. Exchange contract.

Chapter II. Advertising and contractual information.
Article 7. Advertising.
Article 8. Information requirements.
Article 9. Pre-contractual information.
Article 10. Note on the right of withdrawal and prohibition of payment of advances.

Chapter III. Finalize the contract.
Article 11. Form and content of the contract.

Chapter IV. Right of withdrawal, prohibition of advance long-term contracts and accessories.
Article 12. Right of withdrawal.
Article 13. Ban on advance payments.
Article 14. Specific provisions for contracts for long-term holiday products.
Article 15. Ineffectiveness of ancillary contracts. Chapter V. Legal regime.
Article 16. Mandatory.
Article 17. Rules of private international law.

Chapter VI. Consumer information and complaints out of court.
Article 18. Consumer information.
Article 19. Codes of conduct. Article 20. Extrajudicial claim.

Chapter VII. Judicial and administrative
Article 21. Injunction.
Article 22. Penalties.

Title II. Special rules on timeshare resort property in use.

Chapter I. General Provisions
Article 23. Field goal.
Article 24. Duration.

Chapter II. Legal regime.
Section 1. The Constitution.
Article 25. Constitution of the regime.
Article 26. Regulatory writing.
Article 27. Registration of the regime and its modification.
Article 28.Insurance.

Section 2. Promotion nd Terms and transmission.
Article 29.General scheme.
Article 30. Form and minimum content of the contract.
Article 31. Notarial and registration publicity formalization of the contract.
Article 32. Resolution for non payment of dues.
Article 33. Powers of the owner of timeshare rights. Chapter III. Failure of services.
Article 34. Failure of services. Title III. Tax regulations.
Article 35. Scope.
Article 36. Wealth Tax.
Article 37. Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty

Transitional provision only.
Pre-existing contracts.
Repeal legislation.
Final provision one.
Title competence.
Second final provision.
Incorporation of European Union law. Final provision. Amendment of Law 37/1992 of 28 December, the
Value Added Tax.
Disposal fourth.
Entry into force.
Annex I. Standardized reporting form contracts for timeshare on property for tourist use.
Annex II. Standardized reporting form for contracts of long-term holiday products.
Annex III. Standardized reporting form for resale contracts.
Annex IV. Standardized reporting form to exchange contracts.
Annex V. Standard withdrawal form in a separate document aimed at facilitate the right of withdrawal.


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