After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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Resort Properties under investigation

We have just receviewed formal notification that the State Prosecutor in Tenerife has ordered a FULL BLOWN CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION against Resort Properties and 21 of their employees.

On the 11th April an official notification from court No. 3 in Tenerife was published stating that on the 22 December 2011 the State Prosecutor ordered the police to perform a full investigation.

As part of the investigation I was delighted to see that the list of indicted people included MARK CUSHWAY CEO of Resort Properties.

So, MR ALBERTO GARCIA, head of enforcement of the RDO what do you have to say about this?

Will you STILL chose to IGNORE the statements of over 250 people?

Will you STILL chose to COVER UP a fraud currently standing at 375 MILLION EUROS?

HOW much do you get paid by Resort Properties to turn a blind eye?

Is it REALLY enough to EASE your conscience?

And to the RDO, what do you have to say?

Will you STILL ignore the fact that one of your BIGGEST members, indeed one of your LEADING spokespeople for the RDO and the timeshare industry, MR MARK CUSHWAY has being indicted for his involvement in a MULTI MILLION EURO FRAUD?


Maybe when ALBERTO GARCIA and the RDO are also indicted because of their involvement in this SCAM my questions will be answered……….

Check out the original artical on

Club Class Prestige

There seems to be a lot of activity lately in Tenerife and we have received numerous inquiries about Club Class Prestige, the ultimate upgrade product from Club Class Services (Sarl) in Tenerife.

It all seems so easy, a Club Class Member who hasn’t been on holidays for a while, or maybe hasn’t even tried the package before, is offered a promotional week in Tenerife. The prices seem right, the weather promises to be good and transfers from and to Resort / Hotel are arranged. Why would you say no?

There is a welcome meeting to attend, but some information about excursions and local attractions comes always in handy. And it will only take about an hour and a half, so not bad.

The reality is unfortunately very different! As per the description of a consumer:

“He then spent the next 3 ½ hours explaining how Club Class Concierge had let its membership down and how a new membership called Club Class Prestige would give us all we should have received with Club Class Concierge…”

Once they have the customer all dizzy with explanations on discounts and price quotes of possible future holidays they could book, the real hard sell comes on the table. The price of this package is £8000! This can be paid all at once or Club Class can apply for a loan. Whatever payment you chose, something has to be paid on the day as they take a direct deposit.

To make it all more attractive a Cash Rebate Certificate from a company called Cash Rebate Ltd is thrown into the deal, payable after 36 or 59 months, depending on the payment method you chose for the package. This Cash Rebate Certificate supposedly worth thousands of Pounds is just another name for all the other Cash Back Schemes Club Class gave out in the past. For those who don’t know what happens really with a Cash Back please read our blog.

Once the consumer has signed and paid the deposit he is taken back to the resort / hotel. The next day a representative goes around to re-assure and reply to all doubts and questions.. In reality no questions are clearly answered, and those consumers who have doubts are getting even more worried at this stage, but of course the credit card payment went through.

This payment shows as charged by a company called Imagen Sinergica SL and the administrator of this company is Benjamin Moreno Rodriguez.

Those who express their intention to cancel the agreement are surprised with the fact that Club Class Services does not allow a cancellation. They claim Club Class Prestige is a 1 year holiday product and there is therefore no right of cooling off! This is not made clear at the presentation and we even have testimonials of consumers who were explained a “lifetime membership”. But Club Class Services are willing though to change the membership in a reduced package which coincidentally costs the same amount as the consumer has paid for a deposit. Bottom line is: They do NOT want to give your money back!

Reading through the testimonials we receive from consumers who were duped this way on their holidays in Tenerife, the same names seem to keep popping up. Andy Dixon and Joanne Allens.

These names were also connected to other Club Class Marketers in the past such as TFS Concierge, CDS Concierge or Great British Marketing – GBM.

So if these companies are known by the Tenerife Authorities of having duped consumers out of their money, how comes nothing has been done so far about the dubious practices of Club Class Services or Club Class Services Sarl as they were called up till recently?

What are they waiting for? For tourist to never go back to Tenerife as this remind them of having lost a large amount of money on a dubious holiday club? A memory of a holiday that gave them numerous sleepless nights after getting back home? How long does this need to go on before something is done about it?

Maybe the authorities are waiting for the Newspapers in the UK to publish an article about this negative image of Tenerife, or maybe for a program such as Watchdog to touch the issue?

What are they waiting for? Or do they really think this does not have any negative effect on the tourism industry of the island? If people stay away, all businesses will suffer not only Club Class who will move on and open somewhere else under a slightly different name!

Have you booked through Club Class Concierge or Premiere Travel to go to Tenerife? Or have you been there already and purchased a Club Class Prestige Membership?

Please let us know!

Visiting Tenerife this summer?

Tenerife, one of the most popular Canary Islands is a lovely place to visit and guarantee for sunshine the whole year round. But unfortunately Tenerife is also starting to be a melting pot of different dubious companies that can turn the happy holidays into an unforgettable nightmare!

A person very well known by the police and authorities because of his dubious past has recently expanded his “dubious” businesses from Gran Canaria to Tenerife to trap more “happy holiday makers” into the web of his different questionable adventures.

This person is Eugene Kaiser, a German national based in Gran Canaria, former Anfi Group Sales Director, arrested twice by the Spanish Police in the past, and who has tried to destroy since 2003 his former employer Anfi Group, although more recently he has found the formula to profit from this timeshare company.

Since early 2000´s he has been running a number of dubious holiday club memberships: Columbus Imperial Club, Design Vacation Exchange and Voyager since 2007.

Voyager is the current dubious discount holiday club membership sold, not only in Gran Canaria, but also in Tenerife, and Norway.

The way to catch the clients for a presentation has been done through OPC’s handing out scratch cards on the streets and always falsely claiming to be promoting the island as a holiday destination on behalf of the island tourism public body.

Since 2009 Eugene Kaiser has been running a supposed Class Action scheme ReclaimGC – – as a “honey trap” to sell the costly holiday club membership Voyager – . To promote the Class Action, Kaiser has even created an online platform Claims Directive – .

About this Class Action Scheme ReclaimGC we put already a warning on our blog no so long ago: and an update on this article ( with the worrying news that ReclaimGC is actually working together with Mason, Goodwin & Lisco ( a dubious legal consultancy.

Although initially ReclaimGC was launched from Gran Canaria to target Anfi Members, later on it has expanded to any timeshare owner who purchased in Spain, particularly since it opened an office in Tenerife. It has been working with lists of timeshare owners of other resorts obtained unlawfully, not only Anfi Members.

Gran Canaria Resorts (GC Resorts) – and – is the latest scheme set up by Eugen Kaiser this year, acting as a traditional company that invites people to go holidays.

Gran Canaria Resorts is cold calling initially timeshare owners and pretending to be employees from good reputation timeshare companies, promising holiday accommodations at top resorts worldwide, at a discount price, and also contacting consumers that bought a bogus holiday club in general with similar offers. Once visiting their landing page on internet, they actually claim not being connected with these timeshare companies. At all!

The timeshare owners that are cold called and think they are talking to a timeshare companies employees, are being offered promotions like unlimited availability in gold crown resorts with 2 free extra holidays.

However, timeshare owners who have accepted their offer so far, have had a nasty surprise, when finally they receive an email from Gran Canaria resorts, in which they are informed that they can only book accommodation, at poor quality Canary Islands, and Thailand resorts!

In the Terms & Conditions of the contractual agreement between Gran Canaria Resorts and its clients, it is mentioned the obligation to attend a meeting at the resort where their clients will be staying. So this makes the circle complete, as the timeshare owner will most probably be presented with Voyager ( and the ReclaimGC scheme..

So what is the conclusion out of all this? We have many timeshare consumers who have already reported the dubious dealings of the above mentioned companies; we have the testimonials of so many more about how their holidays turned into a nightmare as they lost so much money …and what about the image this creates of Tenerife and Gran Canaria?

What is the role of the authorities here? Do they care people will most probably not come back to Tenerife any longer due to this experience? Are they looking into these companies when they receive so many complaints and reports from both police and consumer offices?

Have you signed up for ReclaimGC, Voyager, Gran Canaria Resorts?

Let us know! We can help you!

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