After being cold called from so many different firms over the years.. countless times trying to sucker me in for numerous different reasons, I have decided to do the public a service and make my own blog. I will dissect all these companies 1 by 1 in the event to eventually let the world know who are scammers and who are legitimate companies actually here to help us…

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ABC Mediation, or Anthony Bains Cohen?

A new mediation company has been brought to our attention over the past few days called ABC Mediation.

ABC Mediation is cold calling, and it seems (for the moment) that they are targeting DWVC members especially. The story they tell is that the directors of DWVC are to appear in the Mercantile Court of Malaga on the 23rd of May and the victims of this company can place a claim.

ABC Mediation is based in London. Their address Suite 1097, Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Road, London, ECIV 2NX, and contact details are Telephone: 0203 627 4664, Fax: 0203 627 4767 and Email:

That is exactly the same address and phone numbers as the one for Bains Cohen, a dubious lawyers office who also started cold calling recently with the same story.

The website for ABC Mediation was registered on the 3rd of May 2012.

ABC Mediation charges £378 upfront to cover all costs, on the understanding that the full amount will be recovered from the defendants. Since when does a lawyer guarantee he will win the case?

Apart from the £378 ABC Mediation also invoices a 15% of the agreed settlement if the claim is successful.

All this is explained in the documents they send to the consumer after the initial cold call, including the bank details of Anthony Bains Cohen for the transfer of the fee!

Do we need to say more? We have a dubious lawyers office / Mediation Service who changes name and websites in a timeframe of 1 month, cold calls timeshare consumers and talk about a court case nobody knows off, asks for an upfront fee to be paid by bank transfer and just doesn’t sound right!

Have you been called by Bains Cohen or ABC Mediation from London?

Please let us know:

Club Class Prestige

There seems to be a lot of activity lately in Tenerife and we have received numerous inquiries about Club Class Prestige, the ultimate upgrade product from Club Class Services (Sarl) in Tenerife.

It all seems so easy, a Club Class Member who hasn’t been on holidays for a while, or maybe hasn’t even tried the package before, is offered a promotional week in Tenerife. The prices seem right, the weather promises to be good and transfers from and to Resort / Hotel are arranged. Why would you say no?

There is a welcome meeting to attend, but some information about excursions and local attractions comes always in handy. And it will only take about an hour and a half, so not bad.

The reality is unfortunately very different! As per the description of a consumer:

“He then spent the next 3 ½ hours explaining how Club Class Concierge had let its membership down and how a new membership called Club Class Prestige would give us all we should have received with Club Class Concierge…”

Once they have the customer all dizzy with explanations on discounts and price quotes of possible future holidays they could book, the real hard sell comes on the table. The price of this package is £8000! This can be paid all at once or Club Class can apply for a loan. Whatever payment you chose, something has to be paid on the day as they take a direct deposit.

To make it all more attractive a Cash Rebate Certificate from a company called Cash Rebate Ltd is thrown into the deal, payable after 36 or 59 months, depending on the payment method you chose for the package. This Cash Rebate Certificate supposedly worth thousands of Pounds is just another name for all the other Cash Back Schemes Club Class gave out in the past. For those who don’t know what happens really with a Cash Back please read our blog.

Once the consumer has signed and paid the deposit he is taken back to the resort / hotel. The next day a representative goes around to re-assure and reply to all doubts and questions.. In reality no questions are clearly answered, and those consumers who have doubts are getting even more worried at this stage, but of course the credit card payment went through.

This payment shows as charged by a company called Imagen Sinergica SL and the administrator of this company is Benjamin Moreno Rodriguez.

Those who express their intention to cancel the agreement are surprised with the fact that Club Class Services does not allow a cancellation. They claim Club Class Prestige is a 1 year holiday product and there is therefore no right of cooling off! This is not made clear at the presentation and we even have testimonials of consumers who were explained a “lifetime membership”. But Club Class Services are willing though to change the membership in a reduced package which coincidentally costs the same amount as the consumer has paid for a deposit. Bottom line is: They do NOT want to give your money back!

Reading through the testimonials we receive from consumers who were duped this way on their holidays in Tenerife, the same names seem to keep popping up. Andy Dixon and Joanne Allens.

These names were also connected to other Club Class Marketers in the past such as TFS Concierge, CDS Concierge or Great British Marketing – GBM.

So if these companies are known by the Tenerife Authorities of having duped consumers out of their money, how comes nothing has been done so far about the dubious practices of Club Class Services or Club Class Services Sarl as they were called up till recently?

What are they waiting for? For tourist to never go back to Tenerife as this remind them of having lost a large amount of money on a dubious holiday club? A memory of a holiday that gave them numerous sleepless nights after getting back home? How long does this need to go on before something is done about it?

Maybe the authorities are waiting for the Newspapers in the UK to publish an article about this negative image of Tenerife, or maybe for a program such as Watchdog to touch the issue?

What are they waiting for? Or do they really think this does not have any negative effect on the tourism industry of the island? If people stay away, all businesses will suffer not only Club Class who will move on and open somewhere else under a slightly different name!

Have you booked through Club Class Concierge or Premiere Travel to go to Tenerife? Or have you been there already and purchased a Club Class Prestige Membership?

Please let us know!

Universal Travel Market or UTM

A new company has been brought to our attention, Universal Travel Market or UTM as they state on their website.

This website was registered on the 5th of March 2012, so “hot from the press” but with a large listing of timeshare memberships for sale.

Surprisingly this listing is mainly DWVC and Club Class membership packages, are they really selling these on?

Universal Travel market cold calls consumers with the usual pitch on how successful they are in selling and they certainly have a buyer waiting already.

No mention though of where they obtained these personal details of the timeshare owner.

The telephone number is 0845 557 7297 and their email

As address they provide on their web: St. Nicholas House , 31-34 High Street , Bristol ,BS1 2AW

Checking out UK Companies House there is no such company as UTM – Universal Travel Market registered.

They have only just started and the consumers that have alerted us didn’t get that far as an upfront fee as they didn’t trust it straight away.

But with the fact that they cold call, guarantee sales for worthless memberships and their website which was created recently does not really provide the information it should do…well extreme caution is in place!

Have you been contacted by UTM – Universal Travel Market from 08455577297 ? Please let us know.

You can place a comment on the blog or send us a direct email to:

Timeshare Scams Are on the Rise – Protect Yourself from Fraud

As a timeshare owners who is trying to get rid of a property, it is important for you to be aware of what is fast becoming the most common consumer scam in the country – timeshare resale scams. Yourtimeshare has consistently ranked these frauds high on their annual list of scams to watch out for, and in recent years it has become an increasing problem, even surpassing credit card and insurance fraud as the number one consumer complaint of some states in the USA. So how can you protect yourself from these scams and successfully sell your timeshare at the same time? It is a delicate dance and takes some knowledge, but it can be done.

The first step to avoiding these scams is to educate yourself. Learn how these scams operate and what their biggest red flags are. Some tell-tale signs you may be walking into a timeshare resale scam include:

Unsolicited contact
High-pressure sales tactics
Vague details about the company or who they are
Upfront fees (Which are illegal)

If you find yourself in contact with a company that is making you feel uncomfortable, decline their services or ask that they give you a little time to do some research and get back to them. Any reputable company will happily allow you the time to feel comfortable with their business and will provide you with any information you need upfront.

Stick to your guns. The easiest way to avoid these scams is to refuse to pay upfront fees. Not all timeshare resale companies charge upfront, despite what these scams would have you think, so it is important to stand your ground and refuse to work with companies who pressure you into making a commitment to work with them. You can successfully sell your timeshare without falling victim to timeshare resale scams. You just have to stay firm, know what you are talking about, and refuse to fall into their games.

If you have been scammed or have been called by a company offering dubious things.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Traveling Soon? Do it Scam Free!

You are not alone.

We are all tired of winter and want to go to some place warm for a week or more. Before you pay any money for your get-away, make sure you aren’t being scammed.

Check out some of the top signs of a possible travel scam by:

Mark Kahler at

Advance payment is required without written contract. Make sure you have a contract that states the product(s) you are paying for.

Transactions by courier service rather than the post office. To avoid mail fraud statutes, some con artists will stay away from the post office.

Transaction can only be carried out by telephone. Hard to get a contract this way. Ask them why they are using just the telephone. You’ll probably get an evasive answer.

Offer is for a limited time only. True, you can get airline tickets for a limited time only. But, if they are saying pay now for a trip 60 days out, be suspicious. Sixty days is the time limit for disputing credit card charges at many banks.

A price far below market value. Why are you getting such a great deal on a trip they won’t make any money on? Won’t happen. Are there other charges they will add on? Will you be a target for a high-pressure sales pitch?

Any of these could spell trouble so beware!

For further info please contact:

Blue Flag Travel or GC Resorts?

A company called Blue Flag Travel has started to cold call Timeshare consumers with an offer for a promotional stay at their resorts.

Blue Flag Travel (the same as GC Resorts) is not very clear about where they obtained the personal data of the consumer, data which obviously cannot be obtained through the timeshare resorts or reputable exchange companies.

The website from Blue Flag Travel was registered at the beginning of March 2012, but for a new company they have certainly a lot of resorts on offer.

The content is though very similar to other Fly buy websites, such as the GC Resorts.

So it seems it’s another fly-buy week provider from the group of companies run by Eugen Kaiser.

From the website it isn’t very clear where the company is based, as there is only a telephone number 0044 1225 946 007 and different email addresses:, and

There is no office address and neither is there a UK Companies House registration number.

On the FAQ page there is a question about how they can offer these promotional weeks: How can you do the weeks so cheap? The resorts and hotels we have available are choosing to offer these are cost price due to low occupancy on the resorts. This gives the resort the opportunity to promote the onsite facilities and amenities that are available to you and also let you know of any future offers.

Are they actually saying here that there is a presentation attached to this offer? Will that be part of the terms and conditions once the consumer has paid for a promo week? Maybe you are better off asking this upfront, the same as other terms and conditions such as age and who you have to travel with.

Do ask! Better be safe than sorry!

There is nothing wrong with taking up a promotional week offer, and most timeshare consumers are familiar with these kinds of holidays. But we always ask for caution in cases like companies such as Blue Flag Travel when the offer comes on a cold call, the terms and conditions are not mentioned on the website and the company does not provide a lot of information about themselves.

Have you been called by Blueflag Travel from 01225946007 ?

Please tell us your experience:

Keystone Solicitors in Coventry

An alert goes out for a company that calls themselves Keystone Solicitors and claims to be based in Coventry.

A Mr. Michael Phillips of Keystone Solicitors cold calls timeshare consumers with the news that they are going to refund the money paid by the timeshare consumer to a dubious resale company previously.

Keystone Solicitors gives as address; Queen Street, Coventry CV19 4PR and for contact the telephone number is 0247 632 0530

The story is that the solicitors are handling the case against the “dubious” resale company and the judge has ordered that the victims are to be paid back.

In order to get this money back the timeshare owner needs to pay a fee and this can be done at the local post office through Money Gram. The fee is £290. Once the consumer pays the fee, Michael Phillips will ring back to get the post office reference number and then he will arrange for a cheque to be delivered to the consumer’s house the next morning at 10 AM

Ringing the number 02476320530 you actually get a fax machine and calling the directory inquiries you will find out there is no such solicitor’s office at the mentioned address.

Is this a scam? You tell me!

Cold caller, knowledge of personal data and also information on previous dealings with other dubious companies, a payment by Money gram, a phone number that doesn’t work and an office that doesn’t exist!

Have you been called already by Michael Phillips or anybody working for Keystone Solicitors?

Please do let us know!

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